About me

Who am I?

My name is Marie Lykke Myrfeld, I am 27 years old and live in Aarhus, but originally come from Thy. I am in the process of training to become an audiologist in Odense and also work as a disability assistant. Since I was very small, I have loved being creative and creating things with my hands. For many years I was even keen that I should train as a designer and have my own brand, which should be called Lykke Design. But I got a taste of the industry, and found that it wasn't the path for me - at least not then.

I need to do things in my own way and at my own pace, so I have now, at long last, thrown myself into pursuing my year-long dream of creating my own creative products that also encourage others to appreciate and prioritize creative quality time. It is very nerve-wracking, but it also gives me great joy (and happiness, of course!) to be able to share my creative universe with all of you.

꧁Sustainability & multi-functionality꧂

By Myr's products are created with a strong focus on sustainability and recycling. I enjoy turning things that deserve a new life into something else and at least as useful. This is precisely also the reason why the vast majority of my Project Bags are sewn from recycled fabric, and many of my stitch markers and jewelery are produced from something that has previously been jewellery, or pearls that I have saved and looked after since my childhood. In connection with this, I also make an incredible effort to give my products as many functions as possible - because I myself like to settle for a single product that can be used for many purposes, rather than 10 different products for 10 different purpose. In my view, it also hopefully means that in the long run fewer things are thrown out, and perhaps not as much goes to waste. All these thoughts are particularly part of the development of my Lykke Projekttaske (the "Lykke Design" dream was still not completely abandoned), which I have spent sleepless nights trying to develop the best, multi-functional product. It has been all worth it, as this is how By Myr started, and I am so proud of the product I have created (which is a very big and borderline recognition for a modest Thybo like me!). Exactly the same multifunctional thinking applies to many of my mask markers, which can be turned into jewelry for yourself.

꧁Handmade, cozy & personal꧂

All my products are handmade, because I myself really value handmade and unique things, where I know a lot of love, time and energy has been put into both the development and production of such products. I have knitted myself for many years, and therefore know which accessories I personally appreciate owning, but also how different needs and requirements you may have in relation to your krea accessories. This is precisely why I try to make as many different types of accessories as possible - and always do my best to make the product as much as possible geared towards one's own, personal needs. In addition, one of my most important visions with By Myr is to encourage people to value creative quality time. It means a lot to me, as I have, to a large extent, felt on my own body and psyche how being creative and immersing oneself in creative projects can have an incredibly positive effect.

I really appreciate that you support my creative dream and want to follow along in my krea universe ❣

Marie // By Myr