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Lykke Projekttaske is a spacious bag with many functions, and with the option of adding even more functions (both now and later), so the bag meets exactly your needs ♥

You can e.g. adding a shoulder handle or the ability to mount mesh markers inside your bag.

All my project bags are sewn from recycled or leftover fabric, to take care of the environment. This also means that there is basically only one model of each design/colour, and you therefore get your very own unique bag with the purchase of the Lykke Projekttasken.

Lykke is sold both ready-made, but also to order.

Since the material is only recycled material as far as possible, and the entire product is of course handmade, it may possibly cause cosmetic defects here and there.

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Okay, I'll admit it outright; i love beautiful accessories! And I think I just received some of the finest knitting accessories I could possibly wish for! The finest handmade markers in gold, pink and mother of pearl 🤩 I have never seen anything as fine and adorable as these! You honestly couldn't have given me anything more me than these! 💗 I especially love the slightly larger pink glass bead with small pretty flowers in it - it will be the perfect lap marker 💐 (...)

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