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Twisting stick with handmade twists, in gold-plated aluminium

Twisting stick with handmade twists, in gold-plated aluminium

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Beautiful twisting needle/assistant needle, which is a beautiful and great aid that you can use for knitting projects where you need to knit twists.

When using a twisting needle, half of the stitches in the twisting are moved onto the twisting needle. Then the stitches wait on the twisting needle either in front or behind the work.

This twisting needle has a twisted shape in the middle of the needle, which gives it an aesthetic, beautiful and organic expression, which is also very practical, as it means that the stitches can rest here while the twist is knitted, and you do not lose stitches as easily as if the stick was perfectly straight.

This twisting stick is 2.5 mm. in thickness, but can easily be used for knitting projects which are on both larger and smaller needles, as this is not decisive because the stitches just need to rest on this.

The material is relatively soft aluminium, which is what allows me to shape the stick. It also means that you can bend it yourself if you don't treat it properly, but with normal use and knitting it won't be a problem at all.

The ends of the twisting stick are sharpened to make it easier to catch the stitches (note that this also means that the ends are not gold-plated)

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